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Agos Pilipinas Barabags!

Friends and their Interests By March 27, 2011 Tags: , , , No Comments

I first caught a glimpse of the Barabags at the Agos Pilipinas booth at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 last November. I saw them, asked about them but didn’t really think about how useful they were — until I saw a photo of it with fins inside! I love my fins. I got them from El Nido Resorts in 2005 and have been toting it with me everywhere since. It came with a plastic bag but it’s been years and the bag has long since been ripped in all its travels. I was in search of a bag for my beloved fins and the Barabags came in just at the right time!

Except that when I realized it, the stocks, or more like the color I wanted, which was black of course, had long been sold out.

So when I saw the Agos Pilipinas tweet about the Barabags for Summer, I wasted no time in ordering and paying! I just had to get one this time! Well, especially this time that I’m flying and zipping around the country and the world at odd schedules (bara-barang lakad talaga!)

Barabags para sa mas bara-barang lakad!

How can I resist these? They look absolutely adorable!


Rediscovering Indie Art & Brown Label

Design, Entrepreneurship By November 21, 2009 Tags: , , , , , 1 Comment

Indie Art & Brown Label was the very first booth we got to at the Global Pinoy Bazaar. I just went absolutely nuts. I loved everything about this shop. From the CD boxes to the pencil boxes to the journals, stationery, stickers and even the pins!

CD boxes at P350

CD boxes at P350

Book boxes at P250

Book boxes at P250

Hand carry pencil boxes at P180

Hand carry pencil boxes at P180

Blank Note Cards with Envelopes Set of 3, PHP 125

Blank Note Cards with Envelopes Set of 3, PHP 125

12 PPCS I love Tree Note Cards for PHP 170

12 PCS I love Tree Note Cards for PHP 170

(Clicking on the photos will bring you straight to the Indie & Brown Label site at blogspot.)

I was just about to take out my wallet to make a purchase of whatever but then.. I saw this!

Waiiiiit! I have this! I bought it at Powerbooks Bonifacio High Street December last year. I made it into my own baby journal. 🙂

I went home and looked for it in my book shelf. And here it is..

MDM journal cover

Dear baby...

I am so proud of myself! Sure I never got to finish the journal because we moved, I traveled for a bit so on and so forth.. But it was really wonderful to rediscover that journal. It made me sooo happy.

First doctor's visit

First ultrasound - baby journal

Here are the wonderful illustrations found within this beautiful journal.

MDM Journal Book Project

MDM Journal Book Project

Here are some photos I took myself. 🙂

last page - MDM Journal

Illustrated pages 2 - MDM Journal

Illustrated pages 1 - MDM Journal

Children’s Journal Book Project…

The MDM Design & Journal Book aims to support and sustain the “Yamang Isip – Children’s Journal Book Project;” designed as a simple, innovative means to engage individuals, particularly Filipino children, in creative writing and illustration to develop their compositional skills and enhance their imagination!

A unique book which features graphed, lined and blank sketch pages traditionally used by writers and illustrators constructed with the highest quality to last a lifetime.

-MDM Design 2008

Who wouldn’t love this journal?


Click here to read more on the The Journal with Creative License.

Click here to read more about the label that is Indie Art & Brown.

About the Label

About the Label

…And wow!!! Another reason to make my way back and again and again to Cubao Expo: the lifestyle and design store that is Heima.

Heima Store at Cubao Expo

Heima Store at Cubao Expo

Click here to go to visit the Heima Store website.