“The numerous beaches in San Teodoro, which are all just a few minutes away from the centre of town, are among the most beautiful in Sardinia and are famous all over the world for their white sands and the incomparable transparency of the sea. The nearest beaches to the centre of town are slightly more than 1 km away; while the remaining beaches – all between 8 to 15km from the centre of town – can be reached using the 125 highway towards Olbia. Along the road, on the right, are three main junctions. The first, in the town of Lu Fraili, allows you to reach the beaches of Punta di L’Aldia (9.8 km) and Lu Impostu (8.7 km). The second junction, in Lutturai, leads towards the resort of Coda Cavallo.”

“… the tourist village of Puntaldia which has a marina and a golf course with 9 holes, as well as hotel accommodations and residences of high quality. The name means the tip of the guard, from its obvious strategic and military significance. The coastline of the Punta Aldia, interspersed with a brilliant Mediterranean, is contiguous with the beach to the north and south with the Lu Impostu, La Cinta beach, from which it is separated from the small mouth of the great lagoon of San Teodoro, called “the seal”. Just along the south side, through the beaten track between the rock formations, you can move from one cove to another.” – San Teodoro Tourism Office

Frankly, our excursions to Punta di L’Aldia is limited to refueling the speed boat. 🙂 We leave Salina Bamba with the boat and head on to Punta di L’Aldia.

Punta di L'Aldia, San Teodoro, Sardegna, Italy

Leaving Salina Bamba…. with Isola Tavolara in the background.