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My Surfbum Fish

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Many of my Travel Factor friends were in Baler, Aurora this past weekend participating in the 2010 Surfvivor Beach Games and someone posted a blog about how great her Baler experience was.

This led to discussions on when we should come back to Baler and where to stay. At some point I said, “I wanna go back to Baler and bring my short board with me so I can maximize my use of it,” or something to that effect, and someone said, “So you’re using a short board now.. The shortest I’ve used is a 7’10.. Tyx [another friend who happens to be a managing partner of TF as well] has a 6 flat board. Bongga.”

I didn’t know what to reply to that, because to be honest, I bought this fish from my friend who did not want it anymore and did not bother to ask about the specs. I did not even know the brand. *laugh laugh laugh* And of course, in this photo, I do not see a brand name anywhere..


My board resting against the wall of “The Apartment” or “Surfer’s Inn” in San Juan, La Union

So the first thing I do when my friend from whom I got my board gets onto Yahoo Messenger is ask her the brand and the specs. And that led me to this:

And lo and behold, this specs (and original price):

2x 5’9 x 20 x 2 1/2
blue rail spray/blue rail & bottom spray
double wing swallow
Php 17,500.00

Holy crap, I have got a 5’9 board!! No wonder I had such a hard time staying on top of it as almost 1/3 of my body was off the board when I paddled out. I should work on staying on it, balancing it while waiting for a wave, on top of being on a wave itself. Damn! No wonder I almost wanted to give up! No wonder I got totally wiped out at the Point in L.U. and for the first time in my surfing life, actually thought I was gonna drown! Good thing my instructor (who goes by the name of Anthony Valdez by the way) was cool and always rushed to help me out. *straight face goes here, like really*

I distinctly remember crying out to him, “Help!” hahahaha.. and clinging to him for dear life when he got to me instead of clinging to board (for dear life) only because he was nearer hahahaha. Damn it.

That whole experience does not mean I am giving up on this board. It only means I have got to get to Baler soon so I can work on my fish board skills. 😉

By the way, here is where I got the info about my Surfbum board.


Surfing Weekend – July 18-19, 2009

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Pictures are clickable to view bigger image. Too bad we forgot to bring the telephoto lens. So funny to be taking surfing photos with a wide-angle lens. Well, there is always next time. And hopefully, next time I do the walling thing, I am facing the wave so I can hold out my hand.. More importantly, I don’t get surprised (that I am so cool hahahaha!) so I can take it as far as the wave takes me.

Anyway, it was rainy all Saturday so we didn’t get to take any photos. Sunday was sunny though. I should’ve worn my long-sleeved rash guard Sunday instead of Saturday. 😐

It’s my new Roxy boardshorts first time out on the beach by the way. Ryan got it for my birthday. It holds out just fine. Though it’s longer than my Liz Hurley ones and I’m not sure if that’s better. Will find out next time.