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New Year with Friends… All Love.

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The traditional New Year countdown was held at our friends’ apartment, same as last year. There were games, like last year, charades; programs like our own version of Face to Face; even a raffle (of anything we could put our hands on); a photo shoot… and a rave party. And of course, drinks all around. I went home at four thirty in the morning, drunk like I have never been drunk before in years that I cannot even count. Fun could not even begin to describe how it was. Now we have the rest of the year to look forward to the next one. You, my U.P. Repertory Company family, has been my “family” for the past eleven years and I have nothing but love in my heart for you people, and my endless gratitude for being part of my life. Cheers to 2011 (and beyond!)



Madang’s Stint at Votre Bar

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Marvin Salazar, whom we fondly call Madang, had been participating in Votre Bar’s “Open Mic Comedy Show featuring The Comedy Cartel” every Wednesdays and the supportive friends that we are always made it a point to come and hang out. I made it one Wednesday night and it turned out to be a mini-reunion, since Jo-Harri, who was home on a vacation, also made it. This is another late post as the photos were taken last October 13th, but like they always say, better late than never.

Joe and Kat

Abet, Jet, Kat and Roma


Jma’s Post-Birthday Celebration at Merci Bar & Restaurant

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Since our friend Jma is now based in Singapore, her birthday celebration was delayed for until she could come over for a vacation. It was initially planned as a fab party with the “Any Gorgeous You” theme but Jma had been busy and planning got a little bit lost. In the end, we all ended up in a private function room inside Merci Bar and Restaurant. Who would’ve known there was such a room inside Merci? I have been to Merci twice before, first at a Flush and the Toilets gig and second was just the night before at the Coffeebreak Island second album launch; but I have never really noticed the existence of a function room behind the cash register.

KTV Function Room in Merci Bar and Restaurant

It is a big room with a huge flat tv and booming speakers for the videoke-loving people that we are. It was a really fun night,


Friends at Sarah and Raffy’s Wedding

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Last Saturday was a hectic day for me. I was up late doing last minute preparations for the bazaar that day and was up early to go to Rockwell Tent to set up. The Global Pinoy Bazaar started at 10am and we were there as early as 7:30am to do the set-up. Then it was also my turn to man the booth until 3pm.

Sarah’s wedding was scheduled at 4pm and there was no way I was going to make it to the church with my schedule. I was actually home taking a nap at 4pm. We made it to the reception though and it was just us oldies (yes, I like to call me and my friends oldies, at least when it comes to U.P. Rep, since we hang out a lot with the younger ones).

Here are a few pictures of us at our little photo shoot at the Wack-wack Country Club lobby.