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Virgin Labfest 6

VLF6 Photos: Sundan Natin Si Eversan (Set E)

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Playwright: Shungiku Uchida
Director: Yoshi Toshihisa
Stage Manager: Kerstin Pinto

Randy Villarama
Kat Castillo
Angelina Kanapi
Peewee O’Hara
Jerry O’Hara
Chrome Cosio

Ever-san, a Filipina and the first foreigner who passed the Japanese nursing examination at first try, is the greatest inspiration of Ligaya, Joy and Che.

VLF6: Sundan Natin Si Eversan


VLF6 Photos: Carmi Martin (Set D)

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These photos were taken on the June 29th 8pm and June 30th 3pm shows. My thanks to Nicco Manalo for giving up his seat on the front center row so I can take decent photos.

Carmi Martin
written by J. Dennis Teodosio
directed by Paul Santiago

Paul Jake Paule as Adonis
Ariel Diccion as Gabriel


VLF6 Photos: A Fist Full of Sand (Set D)

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A Fist Full of Sand
written by Arlo de Guzman
directed by Katte Sabate

Video Design: J. Victor Villareal
Music Design: Alden/Noemer Sy
Stage Managers: Ava Santos and JV Canta

Trency Cagaanana as Character 1
Pat Valera as Character 2
Olive Nieto as Woman in Abaya 1
Maryjane Alejo as Woman in Abaya 2
Zaf Masahud as Man in Jihab
Nikka Angeles as Oud Player 1


Notes on the photos of VLF 6’s Huling Habilin ng Sirena

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I just really had to write about what I thought of the photos from this particular play and my experience in taking them. This play was the so far, the hardest of all the plays to photograph, for the sole reason that it was too dark. When I do post-processing, I actually just move the curves. That is just basically what I do all the time. For this set however, I had to Despeckle too every now and then. I thought about adjusting the Brightness, but I found out that adjusting the Brightness only made the photos more glaringly red – which was painful to the eyes. In the end, I opted not to.


Virgin Labfest 6 Photos: Huling Habilin ng Sirena (Set D)

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Huling Habilin ng Sirena
written by Layeta Bucoy
directed by J. Victor Villareal

Sound Designer: Noemer Sy
Stage Manager: Glenda M. Alday

Nicco Manalo as Sarah Jane
Abner Delina, Jr. as Sabiniano
Jerald Napoles
William Elvin as Batotoy
Alex Dorola Yasuda as Sid


Virgin Labfest 6 Photos: Sa Package Counter (Set C)

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I saw Set C twice (though missed Suor Clara and about half of Package Counter) but this was the reason I have two angles for this play (as well as the next one, Matyag). These photos were taken on the June 24 and July 2 3pm shows.

Sa Package Counter
written by Isa Borlaza
directed by Hazel Gutierez and co-directed by Chic San Agustin

Stage Manager: Raflesia Chiarra Bravo
Asst. Stage Managers: Tin Vinarao and Pat Gascon

Yong Tapang and Exzell Macoma

Don and Lito work at a package counter in a department store.

VLF6: Sa Package Counter (2010)

VLF6: Sa Package Counter (2010)

Sharing inane stories of false hopes, achievements and dreams, they chance upon a bag, left unclaimed by a customer.